how to date the most beautiful woman in the world

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Published: 09th December 2009
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Most Men think that it takes rocket science to date the most beautiful woman in the world, but it is much simpler than it seems. All it takes is for you to master the art of making her fall in love with you. Avoid the tendency to make her fall in lust with you; if she is in lust with you then once she is satisfied, she will easily leave. Thousands of years ago women were the first to learn this: when a man is in lust it is harder to influence him, and once he sleeps with her, he loses interest. If woman refused man sex he would simply look elsewhere or force sex. At that time women had no form of power to compete against men, physically or legally, but through history, practice, and much socialization women learned how to create a more potent and lasting form of power. They learned how to create enchantment and the bonds of love. They have turned the dynamic around

The power to make her fall in love
You, too, can have this power, and it does not require making total transformation of your character or any physical changes in your look. Love is an art of psychology not beauty. All you have to do is have a warrior's outlook. Every beautiful girl that you see is a castle wall where you are laying siege because love is a process of penetration where you make her fantasize about you.

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world
The first thing you have to figure out is who the most beautiful woman in the world is. For me, the most beautiful woman in the world is not just a pretty face she is the ultimate male fantasy of a supremely sexual, supremely confident, and supremely seductive female who is willing to offer unlimited pleasure with a slight touch of danger. She is always being looked at by others, so very early on in life, she realized that her beauty was a source of power it is also her soft spot because she is always worrying that she might be losing her power. If she is honest with herself, she also knows that being looked at just because of her looks is unsatisfying, dull, and lonely. Most men would rather praise her from a distance because they are intimidated, and others are aiming only to occupy her satin sheet. If you get her, not only will you have a prized woman, but you will have a perfect woman who will come to depend on you and the pleasures that you have to offer. Do not focus on her physical beauty but focus on the attributes that most men fail to look at; her intelligence, her characters, and her skills. Worship her body, worship her mind, and worship her soul. If you want her, there are to beings that you have to observe. Yourself -what is attractive and cool about, Her- what actions will create a spell and make her trust you. If you focus on one characteristic without the other you will make mistakes, limit your potential, and she will look at you as weak, unworthy of belonging in between her legs

Phase One: Step One: Choose the right girl
The first phase is to capture her attention, stir interest, and turn the interest into desire.
Stir interest
the first step in phase one is to choose the right girl. Avoid the girls that you cannot have, and go for the ones that respond to you the right way. Do not pay attention to her conscious responses but those that lay dormant in her unconscious mind. A blush, or tendency to want you, maybe an unusual shyness, all of a sudden. Pay attention to the affects she is having on you, maybe she represents some deep rooted child hood fantasy. Maybe she is forbidden fruit, something you not supposed to have. Maybe there is a barrier between you and she such as; race, religion, class or culture. Only choose girls who inspire you, you do not need to run after the first girl who seems to like you. Look at paces you have never looked before, for that is where you will find excitement and play. Avoid girls who are happy and satisfied; it is almost impossible to get her because she has no need for you to fulfill. For example; I look for girls who are slightly sad because it gives me a chance to play out my humorous personality. A woman who has just suffered a bad misfortune such as a bad break up gives me a chance to take her into a dark world where she can play out her desire to be bad. Only go after girls who have a need you can fulfill
Step Two: become her best friend
Once you have chosen the right girl, you have to make her come to you. There are several ways to do this, let her notice you in different places but never approach her. You will get her attention that way, and if she wants to bridge the gap, she will have to come to. You can become her friend while always keeping the distance for friends of the opposite sex. You can approach her through third parties for example; her friends, her brother, even her boyfriend. That way you can gather valuable information about her. Say something intriguing about her that her friend can repeat; for instance, tell her friend you would love to take her shopping. Keep the relationship as neutral as possible. Never give her the intention that you are after something, and find ways to calm any mistrust she might have

phase2: Turn Interest into Desire
Phase Two: once she is interested in you, move to phase two. Turn her interest into desire through temptation. Give her a temptation that will touch her soft spot, and make her squirm when she taste it. When pursuing her, never mistake her physical appearance for reality. It is hard to live a life of virtue, and always having to tone down the darker side, which is the most potent of desires. She does not want temptation from you, but she wants to give in to you temptation. She faces temptation every day, so your temptation has to be stronger the one she faces every day. Everybody has one main weakness, find it, and you hold the key to tempting them. Maybe she is bored, needs a father figure, or has a deep lesbian desire. You can present yourself as the entertainer, the daddy, or the man who is in touch with his feminine side. Represent that deep-rooted fantasy figure who will offer her something she is not to have. Let her play out the dark side of her personality, but keep it elusive.

Turn Desire into Love
Finally, she is at a point where she is intrigued and her feelings are growing. Her desire to possess you is strong, but her attachment is weak, and at any moment she can decide to leave you. In this phase you have to make her emotional. Confuse her, give her enough pleasure to make her want more. Once she feels that way, it is too late. There is no turning back! A pleasant surprise or a gift will make you seem delightfully unpredictable and will keep her off balance. Create pleasant little rituals, spiritualize the relationship, and make it seem magical. Use soft words to intoxicate her, arouse fantasies. Do not let her figure you out. Become mysterious and unpredictable, so that when you are not around, she will become obsessed with you and long to be with you. Make her emotional, make her feel like she is living a piece of fantasy, stir her imagination. Only give her enough to keep her coming back for more. Create suspense! Never let her figure you out, always surprise her, and remain elusive. To do that, start acting in a way that make her wonder, what you are up to. Then surprise her with something she never expected before. She will think that you are spontaneous. Arouse those feelings that she gets when she is watching a thriller or reading a book. Lead her along twist and turns that will keep her wondering what comes next. Make her feel as if she is stepping into an island where everything is different and strange. Take her someplace new, tell her a small secrete; make her feel as if you have expended time in effort of her behalf. Do not brag, but show her through the gifts you buy her, the journeys you planned, and the tease you lure her with; that she is your queen. At this point, she is deeply in love with. You now have her heart and her will power

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